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Since 1982 we focused on long-term customer satisfaction, thanks to high quality products and services; research and development of new solutions are the essential pillars of our success

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Our history

Vibiplast is founded: since the benning we focus our production on the plasticized PVC for electric cables.
Forecasting the market expansion of eco-friendly products, we developed the technology for HFFR - HALOGENS FREE FLAME RETARDANT production for cables.
We start up the production of Rigid PVC, which includes a wide range of formulations designed to satisfy different sectors and applications.
The RUBBER sector is set up. Thanks to this diversification, Vibiplast is now a supplier of rubber compounds both for electrical cables and for technical articles of molding and extrusion.
The Rubber sector expands with the addition of the production of Pre-dispersed Rubber Chemicals (Polymer-bounds) for the rubber industry.
The market is mature and VIBIPLAST increases the production of HFFR compounds.
Thanks to the excellent quality of the Pre-dispersed Rubber Chemicals and the growing demand for Safe handling products, the Polymer-Bounds production is enhanced.
We introduce a further development in our production capacity for HALOGENS FREE FLAME RETARDANT for the cable sector.
VIBIPLAST production capacity is 18,000 tons/year


We supply the most renowned and appreciated international producers of cables and operators in the field of mixing and production of rubber items. Our Mission is to pursue "The highest level of customers’ satisfaction in the long run, fulfilling their expectations and their needs, both explicit and implicit. We achieve this by offering high quality products and services, because we believe that our customers’ success goes hand in hand with us".

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The Vibiplast laboratories

Experience and technology, combined with innovation, guarantee the most appropriate answers to customer needs Our laboratories, performing chemical and physical checks, from raw materials to the finished product, guarantee continuous support for our clients.

Vibiplast has two laboratories; one dedicated to research and development, and one dedicated to quality controls.

Control and Quality laboratory

This laboratory is responsible for maintaining high quality standards guaranteed by the interaction of accurate and specific controls that accompany the raw materials and our compounds during all the processes.

R&D Laboratory

Our R&D team is a solution provider that offers customers an increasingly wide range of tailor-made specific formulations. Our technological skills are available to provide innovative services and products. "