650 different formulation
resulting from years of research, technology and experience.

Halogens free flame retardant for electric cables sector

Since 1990 we develop polyolefin compounds based on EVA with high flame retardant performance and low smoke emission. Designed for the construction of energy cables, signaling, optical fibers, wiring, telecommunication. The wide range of HFFR thermoplastics includes standard, special and CPR products for sheaths, insulation and fillers.

Plasticised PVC for electric cables

Flame retardant, low emissions of fumes, resistance to oils and hydrocarbons, low operating temperatures, matt and satin surfaces, and much more. A complete range of compounds formulated to meet the needs of the cable market.

Rubber Compounds for cables and technical products

Two families of products, one dedicated to cable sector and one to production of technical items, are available in strips or granules. Our colour range is able to meet the sophisticated market demands.

Plasticized PVC for technical products, profiles and gaskets

For extrusion and molding of technical items, pipes and gaskets, a wide range of products is available with hardnesses, colours and special finishes.

Rigid PVC for technical products and profiles

Compounds designed for profile extrusion and technical molding. Used in many sectors from construction to electrical and furniture.

Polymer-bounds and rubber additives

Our Polymer-bounds, absolutely produced in Italy, are known, appreciated and distributed in more than 35 different countries. Discover our product portfolio for the rubber industry, Rubber Chemicals, silica, resins, silanes, waxes and a wide range of process aids.